Athlete - World Champion - Olympic Hopeful - New York Breakers' Co-Owner


21-year-old American Michael Andrew may be a National Champion, World Champion and one of the most recognizable swimmers on the planet, but he is a grounded humble individual. 


It was evident at a young age that Michael was a natural talent in the pool and, naturally, his father Peter Andrew, wanted to cultivate his son’s gift as effectively as possible. After exploring coaching options and not finding the support and instruction believed to be the best fit for his young prodigy, Peter decided to take on the task of coaching his son personally. Partnering with his South African-born dad and mentor, Michael paved his own way through the sport of swimming, bucking traditional schools of thought to instead adhere to a training methodology that works for him and has steadily made believers out of one-time doubters within the swimming community. 


Michael became a world champion at the age of 17 and won 4 individual national titles at the 2018 U.S. National Championships, he also earned 4 relay golds, including racing his way to a World Record as part of the mixed 4x50m medley relay. 


As part of ‘the formidable Andrew foursome’, Michael and his family are known around the swimming world as gracious, determined, approachable and dedicated to embracing the future of swimming as it enters this exciting new chapter.