About Michael

Whether measured by individual statistics, by honors and awards, or by accomplishments in the pool, there is no swimmer more promising in America today who can match Michael Andrew for his athletic performance, outstanding character, and social initiatives. In or out of the pool, he can’t be rivaled

The Athlete

Michael's Trajectory

Michael enters his first sanctioned swim meet.
At the age of 10, Michael and his father, Peter, adopt Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT).
The Andrew Family builds a pool at their residence in Lawrence, KS.
Michael Andrew becomes the youngest swimmer in history to turn pro.
Michael becomes the first 13-14 swimmer to break the 54 second mark in the 100 freestyle.
Michael signs a multi-year apparel agreement.
At the age of 17, Michael wins his first world title in the 100 IM.
Michael has a breakout performance at the Pan Pacific Championships, winning the 50m freestyle.
At the FINA World Cup, Michael was the only male to win medals in all four strokes, plus two in the IM, earning a total of 16 medals.
Michael becomes the first man in history to final in all four strokes in the 50m distance
Michael sets a PR in the 100m breaststroke with a time of 59.14
Michael becomes the only athlete to qualify for the national team in five separate events

The Philanthropist

Michael motivates young people around the world by demonstrating that dreams come true with dedication and perseverance but also by using his platform to stand up for causes that are important to him.

Michael’s parents raised him to compete with a purpose. Michael says, “It’s not about me. It is not about swimming. It is about the ability I’ve been blessed with and the circumstances I’ve been blessed with. I am able to do what I love and hone my talents in a fun, loving environment while pursuing excellence and giving all the glory to God.”

Michael’s holistic approach to swimming has opened up a world of philanthropic opportunities namely, building homes for families living on less than $5 a day in Mexico. To date Michael has built three homes for families in Mexico.

Michael’s dedication to make the world a better place is an embodiment of the Olympic spirit and an example of how to make the world a better place through sport.

The Coach

It started with a question…Why do swimmers train so many hours if their races are so short? The old school, high volume, low-intensity training method, didn’t compute for the Andrew family. Their reluctance for the status quo led Michael and Peter to adopt a revolutionary new way of training that has disrupted swimming. Michael’s solution: Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT), or high intensity interval training. Michael discovered that swimmers who train at high intensity experience significantly greater improvements that racers who train at slow speeds.

Michael has revolutionized swimming by demonstrating the success of USRPT and takes his message to swimmers around the world with swim clinics and the Micahel Andrew Swim Academy.

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